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Ripple Parish Hall - Environmental Policy


The Management Committee of Ripple Parish Hall recognises and accepts the concerns for the environment. In this respect, the Committee will seek actively to reduce the Hall's impact on the environment where practical and to continually improve the Environmental.


Any threat of pollution to the environment from the activities within Ripple Parish Hall will be identified and either eliminated or effectively controlled.


The Committee will, and endeavour to ensure all Hall users, comply with applicable Environmental Legislation.


It is therefore the intention of Ripple Parish Hall ,Management Committee to ensure that the following is carried out so far as is reasonably possible:-


1.         Minimise any disturbance to the global environment by ensuring all redundant, damaged or faulty batteries and electronic equipment is disposed of in accordance with WEE directive.


2.         Disposal and transportation of waste will be carried out in a responsible manner with due regard to all environmental considerations. The Committee will endeavour to minimise spillages and maintain good housekeeping as part of our system of compliance.


3.         Equipment will be maintained to the highest possible standard in order to minimise accidents and unforeseen occurrences providing the maximum practical environmental protection.


4.         In order to assist in reducing emissions and power consumption, the Committee will always attempt to improve equipment performance with improved maintenance and operations that will help conserve energy resources.


5.         The Committee will make all Hall users aware of their individual responsibilities for acting in accordance with the environmental policy.


6.         Information necessary to enable any Hall Users providing food, drink or other materials are be properly used, stored and disposed of, so as to avoid unacceptable effects on man or the environment.


All Committee members must take individual responsibility to ensure that environmental issues are carefully considered when making decisions with regards to the use and future of Ripple Parish Hall.


The Management Committee have taken progressive actions to improve insulation, reduce power consumption and encourage recycling.


The policy will be made available to the public upon request, and displayed on our website.


                                                                                                            Issue 2 (March  2021)


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