February 2019 - Changes to the Committee

At the end of 2018, Lesley retired from our Management Committee after many years acting not only as our Booking Secretary, but also working tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the Hall running efficienctly.  Whether it was behind the bar, writing the meeting minutes, looking after the Website, or controlling the Facebook page.  The Committee would like to thank her for all her efforts, and wish her success in the future.


The Committee would like to welcome Neeta Dhanak onto the Committee.  Neeta has taken over the resposibility of Hall Booking Secretary.  To book the Hall see Contact Details.


Also Tom Cozens has joined the Committee from February.


The Committee hope that the addition of Neeta and Tom will help us the continue to maintain the Hall and provide this facility for all residents to use, at a resonable cost.

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