appeal for new parish hall floor - OCTOBER 2015

New Floor Appeal


We have now received several quotes to replace the floor.  Our original estimates appear to be low, and the cost could well exceed £30,000!  The Committee is still determined to programme the work for the summer of 2016.


As of the 1st October, the fund stands at £2,320.  This will be boosted with profits from the Coffee Morning and Four Weddings and a Funeral (see later).


The Committee has applied to two organisations for Grant Support, but we will not get a reply for three months.  A further Grant application will be submitted later this month.  While we hope to be successful, most Grant applications are conditional on us raising up to 20% of the funds ourselves, therefore we must maintain our efforts if we are to achieve our goal during 2016.  The next event will be a Quiz Night on 13th November (apologies - date previously quoted as 30th November in error), followed by the Film, A Royal Night Out, on the 28th.


Current refurbishment programme


The more observant parishioners may have noticed that the Hall has two new porches.  Those with long memories may remember the old porch being removed some years ago.  The porches will both protect the doors (replaced last year) from the weather, and provide an area in wet weather to shake umbrellas before entering the Hall!  We have also widened the path to enable easier wheelchair access.  Most people probably do not realise that we run a film show for a local Retirement Home on a regular basis.


In addition there are now extra flood lights over the path and the car park.


By early November we will be decorating the inside of the Hall, and it is also planned to update and decorate the toilets.


These works have all been funded by a grant from CEMEX.


Coffee Morning (3rd october 2015)


Thanks to all our friends who helped with the Coffee Morning, including those who made cakes and donated books.  We made a profit of over £360 towards our New Floor Appeal.


Four Weddings and a Funeral (3rd october 2015)


When we booked this date, we couldn't have anticipated England would be playing their most important rugby game since winning the World Cup.  As a consequence our attendance was very low, however those who did attend probably had a better evening than the England supporters!!


I think we all had forgotten just how funny the film is, and with the glass of fizz and beautiful canapés, everyone had a good evening.  We hope to make a small profit.

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